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In the modern age of pleasure and leisure boating, it would be easy to think that the ubiquitous narrow boats were the be all and end all of commercial traffic. This isn't the case and, even now, significant tonnages are carried by barges, whose traffics dwarf the occasional well-publicised loaded narrow boat movements.

So, this website is not just about narrow boats but is an attempt to detail all types of inland working craft of the British Isles - especially specialised, and rare or no longer extant, canal and river craft from tub boats to wherries and trows to ferries and flats.

NB. Although the entries may include river and estuarial craft which occasionally go coastal, craft which are primarily coastal are excluded.

Please note, this site is emphatically 'Not for Profit', is entirely non-commercial and based on the webmaster's lifelong passion for inland working boats. Any links to other sites do not imply recommendation. All material received by the webmaster will be treated with appropriate reverence and only for use as described on the Disclaimer and Copyright page.